Leave Taking Responses
Formal Situation  - Good bye
- I look foward to seeing you again soon, good bye
Informal Situation
‐ Sorry, I’ve go to
‐ Well, talk to you later, then
‐ Please, excuse me but I really have to be going
-Sorry, I have to go now.
- I’ll talk to you later.
- It’s been nice talking to you
- So, I’ll see you next week
- OK then…
- I think I’d better be going now.
-Well, it’s time for me to leave.
-I think it’s already late at night.
-I must be going home.
- Good bye and give me regard to Mr/Mrs.…
‐ See you later
‐ Take care
‐ So long
‐ Until the next week / time
‐ Good night, Ali
‐ Good-bye, Mrs. Mariah
‐ Have a nice ……(day)..
‐ Have a nice / good time
‐ Good luck
‐ All the best
‐ Enjoy your self
‐ Remember me to ……(your mother)
‐ Bye-bye
- Bye-Bye; Bye; Bye now; Take care of yourself
- Cheerio!
- Have nice dream
- Have a good trip
- you too, so long
- till we meet again
-See you later —- Fine.
-See you soon —– OK.
-See you tonight —– All right
.- See you tomorrow.
  - Good bye
- Good bye
‐ Yes of course, it was nice to see you
‐ So long
‐ Bye bye
‐ See you soon
‐ See you
‐ Take care
‐ Please keep in touch
‐ Good bye
‐ Good night, Indah
‐ Good bye, Mr. Saiful
‐ You too
‐ Ok
‐ Certainly
‐ Bye bye
-I will be seeing you
- Yes of course. See you.
- Sure. See you later.
- So long.
- Take care.
- Keep in touch.
- See you at sc