giving instructions instructions


I.                    Definition
Giving Instruction is an expression that is used in order that other people or person does what we instruct or request.

The tense used in giving instruction is simple present.

II.                  The Expressions
a)      Open your book!
b)      Turn off the lamp!
c)       Cover the food!
d)      Close the window!
e)      Pass me the sugar, please!

III.                Structure

–>If you don’t use adverb as a commanding word, you have to use Be + Adjective or Be + Noun Phrase.

  • Be quiet, please!
  • Be your self!
  • Be happy!
  • Be a good girl / boy!

–>When you forbid someone to do something, you have to use Don’t + Verb Infinitive Without to.

  • Don’t move!
  • Don’t cry!
  • Don’t do that!
  • Don’t love her/him!
  • Don’t make it wrong!

IV.                Examples

  • Dialogue

Elena   : Excuse me. Can you show me where is the room of patient of dengue fever? It is number 14.
Nurse : Of course, you just walk from here, then turn left when you see toilet. There’s the room with note “Dengue Fever”. Enter the room, and you can find the room with number 14. But please, be quiet!
Elena   : OK. And, thank you anyway.
Nurse : Anytime.

  • Pictures