Giving Attention

XI.Giving Attention


Giving attention is an expression to give attention or show your affection to somebody. You give attention to someone when he/she looks sad, pale or wears nice thing or to react of a deliberation.

Example in dialogue:
Rina     : Hi, Annisa.
Annisa : Hi.
Rina     : You look sad. What’s wrong with you ?
Annisa : Yes, I’m sad. Because, my mother has  just hospitalized now. I’m worrying her. 
Rina     : Oh.. I’m sad too. Wish your mother get well soon.
Annisa : Thank you.
The underline-typed sentence in the dialog is used to give attention.

The other expression to give attention to somebody like :

·       What should I do to  cheer you up?
·       I really care about you.   
·       Don’t you worry. I’m with you.
·       What’s wrong with you?
·       Hope you will be fine.
·       Are you OK?
·         .        Are you alright?
·       Do you?
·       Really?
·       Are you?
·       Did he?
·       Is that it?
·       Nice dress